Pineal Architecture

Apartment Barceloneta

Living in the old fishermen's quarter

Reconstruction of an apartment next to the Sea using concepts of shipbuilding..

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Due to the history of the Barceloneta, the old fisherman´s quarter of Barcelona, the apartments  are very small. Many generations have been living  here in an extremly confined space. For this reason the flats are devided in up to five rooms. The bathroom containing  a toilet, sink and  shower  often  barely measures 1m². The refrigerator is commonly situated in the living room as the kitchen is not big enough.

The main concept of the  apartement reconstruction in the Barceloneta was to get light and air in the flat.  Diagonal views as long as possible straight through the rooms give a feeling of a wide space.  The needs of the future residents  certainly have to be regarded  as well: the request of a convenient bathroom,  a well useable  kitchen and  a certain amount of  storage space must be fullfilled.
The design concept tries to combine all these elements in a compact and somehow hidden way so that they hardly disturb the generosity of the rooms. Corridors are reduced to a minimum and the walking areas are integrated as usable space in the rooms. Subtle fixtures take up a position for dividing the room (as a wall) and at the same time  function as furniture in form of cabinets and shelves. These are integrated  in the compact elements in a way you can often find in old homes. Visual disturbing technical equipment such as refrigerator and washing mashine are also included in these fixtures and therefore hidden.

The selection of color and material is generally kept neutral. The content of the flat like furniture and books will add the color. The floor of brushed oak  reminds of boat planks and is the optical dominating element of the apartment.

View from the kitchen into the livingroom View from the livingroom to the kitchen Details Cupboard / bathroom / storeroom View from the livingroom to the kitchen View from the kitchen into the livingroom

View from the kitchen into the livingroom