Pineal Architecture

Best Kitewear Showroom


How to give an architectonical response to the subject of a showroom for kite and surfwear - without serving the usual stereotypes?

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Our preliminary considerations working out the basics of the project were that we want to give an architectonical response to the subject of the showroom (kite and surf), but we don’t want to serve the usual stereotypes. The question is so, how can we create an atmosphere in which you know what kind of products are involved, products of water sports, but without repeating the images we have of ‚normal surfshops‘ (straw beachhuts and hawaiian patterns). On the other hand we don’t want an anonymous, exchangeable showroom. We want a new, identifying, design of a showroom for the products of the kite and surf sector. 

Heart of the project is the central area of the showroom. We are here ‚on the water‘! The bar, the tables and the sofa are the flying kiteboards. Three kites shine from the "sky" as illumination.

The central area is flanked on one side by mannequins, illuminated by hanging neon lamps between them, to show the clothing, and on the other side by different types of shelves tables to present the products.

Unfortunately the showroom wasn't finished.