Pineal Architecture

Centro Federico Garcia Lorca

Granada, Spain

International competition for the new center dedicated to the poet Federico Garcia Lorca

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Tierra, mar y luna. Earth, Sea and moon. The nature and his native country, Andalusia, this are the subjects which occupy Federico Garcia Lorca often in his poems. They are the conceptual starting point for our project. La tierra – Granada, el mar – our building and la luna – which releases dreams and longings Federico Garcia Lorca with his poems.

The property lies in the centre of Granada and is surrounded almost completely by the back facades of the surrounding buildings. Only one short piece of facade presents the new building to the town.
We understand the centre as a jewel that like a perfect fitting element is integrated into these surroundings. The central body in those the main functions are accommodated (a big lecture hall usable in different way, a library and several multi function rooms) seems to float for the visitor above the entrance hall and the space for exhibitions in the ground floor. By this partial moving away of the main construction body of the surrounding buildings light reaches over and over again down and offers the possibility for the covered with greenery inner courtyards which lend quality also to the rooms in the ground floor in spite of the narrow conditions.

The hose concrete facade takes up the concept of our project and illustrates the subject Sea to the outside. The facade is very open on one side and is also closed at the same time. It integrates itself into the surrounding development and gives to the centre without appearing as a foreign body, own identity.

The works were issued in the Ministerio de Cultura Madrid and the Fundación Federico Garcia Lorca in Granada.

Main view

Main view