Pineal Architecture

Entrance residential tower


In front of every house there should be place for a tree and a bench...  

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The task was to redesign the run down entrance area of an apartment building from the 50ies in the center of Stuttgart in Germany. Having not much space the entrance should become more inviting and nevertheless the functional issues should be resolved: a handicapped accessible way to the backhouse and a clean solution for the big refuse bins.

The main architectural elements of the exterior area is a porch with a new roof and glass elements closing the  vestibule and a prefabricated concrete element serving as trough for plants and as a bench. So, if you approach the building the new porch marks the entrance, the tendriled green on the grill hides the rubbish bins and looks inviting, the bench gives place for a short rest.

The porch, as the whole base of the building is newly tiled with stoneware and was equipped with new post boxes and a new bell system.

The internal walls are covered by ‘Trespa‘ panels. These panels are extremely scratch- and graffiti-resistant, and as they are partly removable, they can cover the numerous installation openings, still having a homogeneous surface of the wall.  Next to the elevator there is a new stainless steel element implying the call buttons, some technical installation and the news panel for the house.

The whole entrance area is illuminated by energy-saving, maintenance-free and surprisingly bright LED-stripes.