Pineal Architecture


In collaboration with Enric Ruiz Geli

A cave for the artist EVRU...

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“The original space of 42x4,5 and a variable height between 2,70 and 3,60 meters was divided very  much by walls and mezzanines. The space has been liberated completely, the only separations now are glass walls.

A surface (topology) of hose concrete gives homogeneity to the space and at the same time produces, for his texture, an infinite variety of shades. It is gray like the floor,  that is also a continuous surface, but of resin.

This way the ‘cave’ of the Catalan artist Evru (Evrucave) is defined. The light defines it. It is a luminous gradient. From a dark space, the entry, it goes over to the work place, illuminated by 6 skylights and/or by a system of extremely versatile lighting : it is possible to choose between warm or cold light, its intensity, define a timing, and to integrate automatically natural light and artificial light.

A light line in the floor gives a measure of the luminous intensity. It is the line of Evru.” 

Cloud 9

View from the entrance The court The bathroom The studio The toilet The kitchen

View from the entrance