Pineal Architecture

Media House 2.0

In collaboration with Metapolis

The Mediahouse, developed in collaboration of Metapolis Barcelona and the MIT Boston goes to Fabricca Europa Florence, Italy

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“The ‘Media House Project’ is conceived as a strategic alliance, combining the respective potentialities of the MIT Media Lab and its technological environment, oriented primarily towards developing enabling technologies, and of Metapolis with its creative and artistic environment, oriented towards the design of public and private space.
The goal: to put forward proposals for the development of a new interaction between the physical world and the digital world, in order to lay the foundations for a new “art of dwelling”.

Vicente Guallart

The Mediahouse presented itself in Florence as a multimedia spectacle. Under the direction of Enric Ruiz Geli various artists occupied the different spaces of the Mediahouse:
Innothna (space of relax / chromatherapy), Brajovicvandendriessche (working space), Paco Guzman (mediakitchen) and J.M.Berenguer (garden), from Barcelona. Interaction Ivrea of the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea (playplace), from Italy.
Background of the stage and space installation Mediahouse formed a 60-m-long videoprojection among other things with photographs of Laura Cantarella.