Pineal Architecture


In collaboration with Enric Ruiz Geli

The spanish pavilion for the 5th Biennial of Architecture and Design in Sao Paulo, Brasil

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“Semillas - seeds: reproductive structures, which generate life, produce energy and they are the embryo in which the life is kept, ‘latent life’, in expectation of being inhabited and planted. ...
It is a sample of 20 models that are nourished by contemporaneity, utopia, life, invention, risk, digits and intelligence.“

Enric Ruiz-Geli, curator

The pavilion is a silver cocoon held by air pressure, a hemisphere for the seeds of architecture that are planted here to prosper and to grow.

Through a pressure sluice the visitor reaches in the inside of the pavilion. The atmosphere of the space is pure and white. On a big concentric table the experiments of the architecture are presented in a sensuous way: in a scenery of coarse salt the models stand embedded like the seeds in the earth that they want to represent. Video animations on big screens that are implemented in the table explain the projects. Small bonsai trees next to every project form the reference to the reality, to the world beyond this small fragile laboratory.